Graduation. And, what next?

Last month, I graduated from UH Mānoa. I decided to sketch myself in the mirror wearing my graduation outfit. Darn, self portraits are so tricky! My head is more triangular and oblong than what I drew – I need some practice. Oh well, here’s some handsome guy who graduated – looks like he’s wearing my outfit.  :)

Now, it’s on to the next phase of life: finding employment during tough times and exploring new things!

Law Without Order

Not that today’s event at UH’s law school was disorderly. Attendance was not to order though. On the other hand, the sketches presented at show and tell were all of the first order. And everyone stayed longer, in order to enjoy good company some more.

Enjoy the photos – they are presented in order.

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

See you at our next event on October 21​ in Hawaii Kai​!

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A Sketcher’s Oasis

Today marked our first visit to the new UH Medical School complex in Kakaʻako, and we were impressed. Surrounded by LEED certified buildings, the inner courtyard offers a native Hawaiian garden, a small bubbling fountain feature where birds bathe, a variety of foliage, and – importantly – shaded seating at any time of day. In short, we were more than comfortable and had plenty to sketch. Joined by another visiting sketcher, this time from New York City, we discussed methods, media, and motivations while sharing our sketches of the day. Photos courtesy of Stephen, whose smartphone saved the day after our trusted official USkO camera stopped working.

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

See you at our next event on September 9!

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Go Bows!

At UH Manoa’s Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium the Bows went up against Cal Poly yesterday. It was an afternoon of bewilderment and thrill for those of us who had never attended a softball game before, especially when a ball hit the bench just two feet away from one of us. Lesson: do not look at your sketchbook for too long – always keep a close eye on the ball!

After bearing with the afternoon heat, we gathered in the shade for our show-and-tell. Figuring out how to convey motion became the theme of the day. Various strategies were discussed, such as using just a few lines to capture a posture, combining information from multiple subjects in a similar stance, as well as completely avoiding motion and sketching stationary targets – a favorite :) .

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See you at the next event on May 21!