Talk Story

Tell us something through your sketch! This Saturday’s theme was inspired by Terri’s post.

Saturday Sketch Coming Up!

Tomorrow’s suggested sketch theme is “hidden”. Is your cat hiding under the table, but you see a tail or paw sticking out? Do you see something peeking out between the trees?

Or, sketch anything your heart desires – well, as long as it’s still “urban sketching”. Still lifes are fun, but don’t count! :)

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Graduation. And, what next?

Last month, I graduated from UH Mānoa. I decided to sketch myself in the mirror wearing my graduation outfit. Darn, self portraits are so tricky! My head is more triangular and oblong than what I drew – I need some practice. Oh well, here’s some handsome guy who graduated – looks like he’s wearing my outfit.  :)

Now, it’s on to the next phase of life: finding employment during tough times and exploring new things!

Let’s Sketch “Together”!

Tomorrow’s suggested theme is “together”. Get creative, but remember that we’re Urban Sketchers, so sketch what you see. :)

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Here Comes Saturday!

Our suggested theme for this Saturday’s event is “motion”. Give it a whirl!

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Sketch With Us Tomorrow!

Our suggestion for this week’s Saturday sketch is a little different… Try to find a shape!
Keyword: “pointy”. Norfolk pine? Picket fence? Your pencil set? Look around and share with us in your sketch what you find!

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Sketching Double

Our suggested theme for this Saturday: double vision. Sketch two views of the same scene.

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Weekend Sketch!

Our first virtual sketch event in May is coming up this weekend! If you are running out of ideas and would like a theme to focus on, let’s try “transportation”. It’s not mandatory though. “See” you this weekend!

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“Get Your Ticket! Free Sketching on Saturday!”

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In April, we normally collaborate with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honolulu to celebrate Architecture Month. Since the original event was planned for the 18th, we thought it would be nice to keep the theme by including something architectural in our sketches this Saturday. No worries if your cat is looking exceptionally cute though!  :)

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