Uploading to Flickr

Below is a step-by-step tutorial for anyone needing help uploading images to the USkO Flickr group.

With your Flickr account open:
1. Click on the upload button (white cloud icon with upward arrow) at the top right of the webpage near the avatar for your account. A window will appear letting you select images to upload from your device.

Note: This will upload your images to your individual Photostream.

2. For you to share your images with the USkO Flickr group, navigate to our group Flickr page. If you are part of the Flickr group*, you can click on the blue “Add Photo” button right by the Photo Pool on the main page. Then, select images from your own Photostream to upload to the group page. Done!

*If you are not yet part of the USkO Flickr group, please click the button “Join Group” at the top of the group webpage and we will accept the request as soon as possible. It helps to include your name in the message option in case it is not evident from your username. (This is just a minimal safeguard to ensure that just sketchers post to the page.)

First Virtual Sketch Event Today!

We hope everyone had a great time sketching – or is still having one!
Make sure to visit the USkO Flickr group to see all the new artwork and share your own!

First Virtual Sketch Event

(USkO Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/uskoahu/)

Update Regarding Sketch Events

Hello Sketchers!

We hope that you are all being safe and following recommended health protocols for COVID-19. As might be expected, we are cancelling all in-person events until further notice.

However, this does not mean that we stop sketching!   ;-)

Instead, we will now be holding virtual sketch events. We encourage you to sketch at home or in a safe setting and then share your work on Flickr for us all to enjoy. (You can make an account here and request to be invited to the official USkO flickr group by visiting our site here.)

Our first virtual event will be on March 28. We would love to see everyone’s sketches online by the end of the day!

Cannot decide what to sketch? Consider anything in your surroundings – indoor or outdoor.


Sebastian, AJ, Harald

Return to Re-use

We knew after our first event at Re-use Hawaiʻi that we would be back, and today was the day – finally! The choice of sketch subjects related to construction and remodeling was supplemented by an adorable cat that received commensurate attention. Locals, as well as visiting fellow sketchers from Portland, scattered across the many aisles and pallets to find their favorite target. The haul was diverse again: sinks, light fixtures, tools, and various views of the warehouse and the yard were presented at show-and-tell which was held in the comfortable store lobby.

Thank you, Re-use Hawaiʻi, for hosting us again – it goes without saying that we will be back!

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

Stay tuned for details about our next event!

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Reminder: Sketch Event Tomorrow!

Looking forward to sketching with you at Re-use Hawaiʻi tomorrow morning. Event details can be found here.

Next Event!

At Whole Foods on a Rainy Day

We finally made it back to Whole Foods! The location was perfect for us on this rainy day: sweeping views of a large grocery store and surrounding urban life, ample parking, and food to recover after a long sketch. At show-and-tell, we talked about vanishing points, digital art tips and tech, ambidextrous sketching, capturing the wet and splashy outdoors, and drawing people (always tricky – Terri is charging ahead, learning from instructional videos during bus commutes!). Also, Joel stunned us with a discreet oil painting setup outfitted with jars, a pallet knife, and a glass tray for mixing. It sounds like he’s in the market for a small, robust easel too. We are looking forward to seeing how the setup develops!

And, as mentioned this morning, Harald thanks everyone for the well wishes and looks forward to joining in on the fun next time!

Happy new year everyone!

As always, don’t forget to check out our sketches on Flickr and upload your own!

Stay tuned for details about our next event!

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Sketcher Down

We hope that you all had a happy and healthy start to the new year. Unfortunately, one of us did not. Tuesday, Harald was thrown over the handlebars of his bicycle when the front wheel hit a pothole on Manoa Road. Thank you to the many people (tourists and locals alike) who stopped to help him, providing first aid, ice, shade, and plenty of aloha!

As you might expect, I sketched almost every step of his treatment in Queen’s Medical Center’s ER – once I had snagged pen and paper from the nurse’s station.   :)

Harald is recovering at home now but will need a little time before he can sketch again. (He keeps making noises though about joining us on Sunday anyway!)

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you at Whole Foods this Sunday!

Next Event!

Happy new year! Join us for the first event of 2020!